All In – A Giant PA Buck Story

All In is not only a story about a great Pennsylvania buck, but more about one family’s commitment to living their life on a road less traveled. The story follows Jason, leaving his career over 15 years ago, to hunt for a living. Times were hard and the journey was not easy, but with perseverance and the support of his wife Liza, they made their dreams come true. The lessons learned of never giving up, hard work, and perseverance, are the same lessons that he will need to finally track down the buck of a lifetime. This is a story for everyone, as it’s a story about life and what we are truly capable of accomplishing.

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Turn Key Properties

Plummer South

Prepare to spend more time in the beautiful woods of Clarion County! This property consists of 95 acres of serene paradise in the rolling hills of God’s country, and while it feels in the middle of nowhere while you’re there conveniences like gas and groceries are only minutes away.

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