Jason Say, the CEO and Owner of Field Days, has been planting food plots in the Northeast United States for over 15 years with great success. He has created hundreds of food plot videos and podcasts helping others to be successful food plotters. Not only has Jason had tons of success in planting food plots in less than ideal soil conditions, he consistently takes trophy bucks year in and year out in Northwest Pennsylvania. When choosing someone to assist you in a food plot strategy, it is very important to not only find someone who can consistently grow food plots, but someone who understands how to use food plots in your hunting strategy. Jason has the experience and track record! If you are serious about planting food plots and want to put a strategy in place to shoot good bucks, and you are located in Western PA, Eastern Ohio, Southern New York or Kentucky give us a call to discuss our consulting and food plot services.


A sound food plot plan is a prerequisite to taking your hunting success to the next level, while developing a more appealing piece of property for attracting deer.

Jason Say has been featured for years in many magazines, shows and podcasts. People from all over the country come to Jason for advice. When choosing a consulting company it is important to choose some one who understands your area and your ground. Jason specializes in the Northeast and focuses his services in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Southern New York and Kentucky. Not only does Jason understand and consistently have success planting great food plots in less than ideal ground, he is also very successful harvesting mature buck year after year. When looking for a consultant to help take your food plots to the next level, look for someone who understands all the pieces to creating a strategy to shoot big mature whitetail. Call us today for more information on our costs and consulting services, 717-304-2770.